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Presentation of the MLC Ljubljana

The Faculty MLC Ljubljana was established with the aim of organizing modern studies in the field of business and law, which is oriented in practice and gives students knowledge and skills for a successful business future. This means that the companies that want to conquer competitive markets in the future, will be interested in the personnel with such selected business and legal knowledge and skills. With this, MLC Ljubljana wishes to enrich the higher education offer in Slovenia and the region, since it is the only one that offers such management and law studies, although similar studies are already well-established abroad.

MLC Ljubljana explores the interdisciplinary field of management and business law and their connection in the business environment. It is important to be aware of the importance of interaction between these areas in business decision-making. Management decisions must always be legal in order not to lead to adverse reactions. Consequently, the legal decisions of the managers can be too daring or, on the contrary, because of the lack of knowledge of the law, they are not daring enough. Likewise, on the other hand, lawyers lack knowledge of the content and nature of management and find it difficult to assess and consider its characteristics. Due to the need to connect both areas, research and education of management and law have been developed in a meaningful connection.

The Faculty builds an individual relationship with the student and ensures a high degree of adaptation of studies to the individual’s life circumstances. In partnership with the leading institutions, it also offers certified education for all those who already have a higher education degree, specially shaping the offer of specific skills for leaping into the emerging digital business models and related legal and managerial skills. Students acquire a lot of practical knowledge of entrepreneurial law, management and leadership and practical skills for the needs of entrepreneurship. In this way, well-trained businessmen, analysts and web marketing experts and successful leaders are created.

Why three stars in the logo of the faculty?

  • Integration – because the study is organized in small groups, where students form a homogeneous whole and are aware that integration is the key to success in both the study and the business environment
  • Excellence – because we are studying management and law according to the model of the most excellent universities and business schools, and where excellence will be evaluated as optimization of operations in the legal framework of the business environment
  • Successfulness – is the result of integration and excellence according to the model of the partnership for knowledge (students, lecturers, higher education institutions, business partners, communities and associations), measured through the successes of individuals and all together and created synergy effects

MLC Ljubljana

Study by the example of most modern higher education institutions in the world

Lecturers from practice, business environment and justice

Study in Ljubljana - logistic, cultural and academic priority

Mission and vision of MLC Ljubljana

The mission of the faculty is to organize educational offers in the field of management and business law for the needs of successful entrepreneurship in the domestic and international environment. The work of the faculty will contribute to increasing the employability of highly educated people.

MLC Ljubljana will be the leading faculty in the field of management and law, which will enable the employability of graduates through the study of management and law and above all by offering practice and skills for modern online business. The Faculty will develop a model of practice and professional development that will support the study process in terms of ensuring the highest degree of employability of graduates. The programs and the study process will be flexibly organized to enable the integration of students and entrepreneurs who are already operating in the business environment. The Faculty will organize an academic community that will build social and business advantage for all members of the community.

Basic values of MLC Ljubljana

The Faculty works mainly on the following values:

  • Creativity and innovation in the introduction of study content and methods of the work of the study and research process and in the expansion of knowledge and skills through networking in the virtual and real business social environment of the future,
  • Integration and cooperation in the direction of discovering the complementarity of partners for creating synergy effects arising from the openness of partners connected to the academic business network, based on the transfer and application of business and legal practices of the developed world to all areas of the private as well as the public sector,
  • Honesty and social responsibility in terms of fair implementation of the principles of corporate social responsibility – economic (long-term business success), legal (compliance with the legislative framework), ethical (respecting basic ethical standards and principles in personal and business relations) and philanthropic (also for the benefit of the wider society),
  • Contribution to social development in a way that graduates achieve the highest level of employability through state-of-the-art study methods and programs, supported by research of current business and legal problems in the management of profit and non-profit organizations,
  • Self-assessment as the basis for continuous improvement and progress of the faculty, organized according to the guidelines applicable to quality measurement in the EHEA European Higher Education Area and taking into account the EFQM methodology,
  • Differentiation that distinguishes the faculty by its personal and flexible approach, with which it optimally participates in the solution of student and staffing problems of students and staff and development problems of members of the academic community MLC Ljubljana in the framework of study programs, research and attitudinal activities.

Dean's Speech

Dear website visitors,

we present you the main points of interest of the faculty that exist since 2013.  The Faculty of MLC Ljubljana works with the intention to welcome all those who want to provide for their own development or transfer of knowledge to their companies or the general public. We are aware of the rapidly developing economic and social environment and related new challenges and changes that require new knowledge and skills.

The forthcoming industry period 4.0 requires the introduction of new methods and approaches in management in companies. The technological development also creates novelties in the legal regulation of transactions and the legal protection of workers or employers. All this is the subject of the study and research activities of the faculty, so we want to offer all entrepreneurs the acquisition of such knowledge, which in the digital transformation will be a feature of the innovative successful companies of the future.

At the faculty, we are aware that, due to diversity in the academic community, the effectiveness of studying is increasing. That is why we have developed knowledge transfer between students of different ages with different business experiences and digital skills. We constantly ensure that the study process is rich and updated with the flow of modern knowledge from our domestic and foreign business partners.

If you want to grow your personal career with modern knowledge of business law and management, to create a business career and thus to contribute to the development of the company, then join us at MLC Ljubljana.

We cooperate and do not exclude, together we will be more successful.

If you did not find enough information on the website, please let us know or visit us at MLC Ljubljana.

Prof. dr. Srečko Devjak


red. prof. dr. Srečko Devjak

Organization and accreditation



Secretary General

Natja Sever, uni. dipl. prav.

Office for Student Affairs

Sanja Petrović, dipl. lit. komp. in dipl. šp. jez. in knjiž.


The Senate is the professional authority of the faculty. It consists of higher education teachers and researchers and a student representative. The number of members of the Senate ensures an equal representation of all scientific disciplines and professional fields of the faculty. The Senate President is the dean. The Senate deals with issues in the field of professional work, provides professional bases for work programs and school development, coordinates educational and scientific research work, and other issues related to pedagogical and research activities of the school. The Senate meets on regular, extraordinary and correspondence sessions as necessary.

Members of the Senate for the 2016/2018 term:

  • red. prof. dr. Srečko Devjak – president,
  • izr. prof. dr. Janez Čebulj,
  • doc. dr. Julija Bele,
  • doc. dr. Aleksij Mužina,
  • Simon Krušec, president of Student Council of MLC Ljubljana

Management Board

The Management Board is the managing body of the faculty, which in addition to the tasks prescribed by the law and the statute, decides on matters of material nature and takes care of the smooth material operations of the faculty.

  • red. prof. dr. Srečko Devjak – President,
  • doc. dr. Julija Bele, Member.

Student Council

The Student Council of the Faculty is a body of students of the faculty and has at least 3 members elected by students from individual courses of study at the faculty. The Student Council discusses issues relating to the rights and duties of students. The Student Council also takes care of informal student gathering and organizes events for this purpose.

Members of the SC MLC Ljubljana 2017/2018:

  • Simon Krušec – president, contact:,
  • Uma Mia Modrijan – Vice president
  • Samo Mušič – Member.

Academic Assembly

The academic assembly of the faculty is composed of all higher education teachers, scientific workers and higher education staff. The Academic Assembly is elected by the Senate, nominates candidates for the Dean to the Senate, discusses reports on the faculty’s pedagogical work, and makes proposals and initiatives to the Senate.

President of the Academic assembly MLC Ljubljana:

  • prof. dr. Marko Novak


The Council of the National Agency for Quality in Higher Education (NAKVIS) awarded the accreditation of the higher education institute MLC Management and Law College Ljubljana for seven years, with decision no. 0141-23 / 2012/12 of 13. 6. 2013.

With the decision no. 6033-96/2013/2 of 19. 9. 2013, the NAKVIS Council gave its consent to the transfer of the higher education professional study program “Management and Law” at the MLC Management and Law College Ljubljana, whose accreditation was previously obtained by the College of Business Sciences, of 13. 6. 2013 with decision no. 6033-145 / 2012/21 for seven years.

The Council of the National Agency for Quality in Higher Education (NAKVIS) granted accreditation to the study program of second degree Management and Business Law, with decision no. 6033-28 / 2016/9 of 16.3. 3. 2017.

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