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    Področje:Management information Systems


    Occupational field
    Teacher: Information Systems, Data Base; Entrepreneurship and Innovation

    Academic qualifications
    4 June 2013
    Aggregation Proofs
    Approved by unanimous
    University of Minho – Portugal

    17 September 2001
    Phd. Information Systems
    University of Minho – Portugal
    Tesis: ” Metamorphosis – A reference to the Electronic Commerce”

    Orientation of scientific work
    14 April 2008
    Phd. Information Systems
    University of Minho – Portugal
    Student: Paulo Alexandre Vara Alves
    25 Nov 2009
    Phd. Informatics
    University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro – Portugal
    Student: Elisabete Paulo Morais

    Professional Occupation
    Professor Coordinator
    Informatics and Communications Department
    School of Technology and Management (ESTiG)
    Polytechnic Institute of Bragança (IPB) – Portugal
    Professional areas:
    Information Systems;
    Data Bases;
    Business Design

    Dates Occupation or position held

    1990 to 1994
    Administrator of the IPB Informatics System

    1995 to 2000
    Coordinator of the IPB Informatics Services

    1996 to 2000
    Director of the Business Informatics course

    2000 to 2001
    Coordinator of the Informatics and Communications Department

    2001 to 2003
    President of Technology and Management Scholl (ESTiG)

    2004 to 2007
    President of Technology and Management Scholl (ESTiG)

    Since 2008
    Pró-President of Polytechnic Institute of Bragança (IPB)

    Name and address of employer
    Polytechnic Institute of Bragança (IPB) Campus de Santa Apolónia – Apartado 1038 – 5301-854 Bragança – Portugal.

    Type of business or sector
    Higher Education

    Scientific Commissions

    Academic and scientific juries
    6 Phd degree Juries
    7 Professor Coordinator Juries
    21 Master degree Juries

    Scientific commissions member
    13 Program committees of conferences
    4 Editorial Board of the books or scientific journals

    44 Articles in scientific Journals or Conferences
    7 of them indexed by Web of Knowladge and 8 of Scopus
    4 Chapter of Book – University of Salamanca, Spain, ISBN 84-7800-436-X, 2006

    I+D Projects
    Number: 3 Educative Projects
    Names: CETSI, Intensive program on Entrepreneureship
    Type of participation: Responsible or Coordinator
    Amount: 96.831 €

    Number: 3 Scientific Projects
    Names: RuralNet 1º Version and RuralNet 2º Version
    Type of participation: Responsible or Coordinator
    Amount: 198.621 €

    Number: 7 I+D Projects
    Names: Pop IPB; Maxi PoP; RuralNet ADAPT; RuralNet BCD; RTTBZ; Compete; Empreendedouro
    Type of participation: Responsible or Coordinator
    Amount: 913.972 €

    Brands, Patent, Prototypes
    2 Brands
    RuralNet – www.ruralnet.pt; www.RuralNet.net;
    Footnet: www.footnet.pt; www.footnet.com.br; www.footnet.es; www.footnet.it; www.footnet.net
    1 Prototype
    IPB community: http://comunidade.ipb.pt

    Personal skills and competences

    Mother tongue(s)

    European level (*)ListeningReadingSpoken interactionSpoken production
    EnglishB2Independent userB2Independent userB1Independent userB1Independent userB1Independent user
    SpanishC2Proficient userC2Proficient userC2Proficient userC1Proficient userB2Independent user

    (*) Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

    Organisational skills and competences
    President of the organizing committee of 6ª CAPSI “Conference of the Portuguese Association of Information Systems”, 26-28 October 2005 – Bragança

    Other skills and competences
    1999 to 2005
    Vice-President of TRANSTEC “Association Transmontana for technology transfer”

    2005 to 2009
    President of TR
    ANSTEC “Association Transmontana for technology transfer”

    2006 to 2007 
    President of Bragança sportive team