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    Full Prof. SINIŠA ZARIĆ, PhD

    Področje:Market and Non Market Environment, Event Management


    Siniša Zarić is a Full Professor at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Economics. In his professional activity, Zaric is combining university and research experience with his deep insight into the reality of business and cultural life. Internationally recognized, Zaric serves as a member of several editorial boards, scientific committees and in project teams.

    GSM number: +38163254525

    Address: Faculty of Economics University of Belgrade, Kamenicka 6, 10000 Belgrade, Serbia

    Current position:

    Full Professor at Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade

    University education:

    PhD, Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade, 1979-2003

    Master of Science, Faculty of Economics University of Belgrade, 1975-1978

    Bachelor of Art, Faculty of Economics University of Belgrade, 1970-1974

    Specializations: Post PhD at the University of Bologna (1983-1984), Research fellow at the London School of Economics (1986-1987)

    Field of research and pedagogical work:

    Institutional Economics as basics for the studies of business and its environment (market and non market)

    Economic Imperialism, economics of art, culture, sports

    Event Management and event marketing: from principals to its implementation in place management, sport, trade and culture.

    Lecturer at postgraduate studies at the University of Belgrade, Trieste (2005), Bologna (2005-2009). Lecturer at the University of Economics of Prague (2007/08), Wirtschafts Universitaet Vienna (2009/10), Member of the Program Committee of the Doctoral Conference at the University of Sheffield – City College (three years in row: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2014), Faculty of Economics University of Pisa (2009), University of Arts, Belgrade, UNESCO Master Course since 2009; European Center for Peace and Development of the University for Peace Established by the UN since 2008, Corvinus University, Budapest (2015), Master course

    Professional and organizational work:

    For more than 10 years he was the CEO of the Belgrade Fair as well as of the World Trade Centre Belgrade. His consulting experiences include the managing of the SAM Agency in Belgrade /1989-1990/, Geopan Cultural and Trade Centre in Burgas (from 2001, as well as the Event Marketing Agency. An expert for event marketing and event management, combining rich personal experience with the most recent world achievements.

    Counsellor of the Adriatic Fair, Budva, Montenegro, Member of the various scientific committees


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